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Virtual Reality, 360 Videos, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, The Metaverse, all these technologies are making a difference in businesses communication and marketing strategies, training and improving working processes. In the art of creating virtual worlds, anything is possible.

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Virtual Reality Development

We digitally recreate any environment or situation to experience in immersive virtual reality.

  • Full-cycle, Full-stack and Full-scale Virtual Reality Development Services: By creating custom, interactive, computer-generated scenarios, we immerse your audience in any kind of experience. They can train, design, build, discover, have fun… the possibilities are endless.
  • Virtual Reality Hardware, Installation, Support and Maintenance: Excellent content requires an excellent way to show it. Our 6 years of experience have taught us many lessons when it comes to using virtual reality headsets to communicate to your audience professionally.
  • Content Strategy, Consulting, Concept and Design: From an early-stage idea into a real immersive experience. To deliver quality, we prioritize addressing your business needs and help you leverage the competitive advantage of virtual reality towards surpassing your objectives and goals.
  • 3D Modelling, Design, Animation, Rigging, Rendering, Texturing: Digital Twins, Avatars, Objects, Environments, choose your virtual experience and we’ll make it a reality.
  • 360 Video Production

    Capture reality in 8K 360 and let your audience re-live it.

  • 360 Video Cinematic Production: 6 years of professional experience working with live-action 360º video and binaural sound in which your audience feels immerse as the protagonist. Always with an eye for detail and a broad technical understanding that help us prevent any inconvenience before it occurs. From idea to filming to post-production to exhibit. You’re in the right hands when it comes to impressing your audience through 360º immersive content.
  • Concept, Storytelling, Storyboarding: Running low on time and looking for inspiration? Let us work with you, propose ideas and write stories that showcase your communication objectives. Achieve top-of-mind awareness through evocative immersive experiences that transmit the core values of your brand, product and service.
  • 360 Photography and Tours: Why conform with normal photos? Blow up your social media with 360º photos that promote engagement and interactive web tours accessible to anyone with a PC or a smartphone.
  • 360 Video Streaming: Get transported to an event at a stadium, convention center or even a concert while it’s being performed. We help you share your experience with the world with zero limits in time or number of users. Reach a broader audience, allowing anyone to be inside your live 360º video recording in real time.
  • Metaverse

    We build metaverse solutions and assets that position your brand ahead of the curve.

  • Metaverse Experience and Builders Virtual Land Rental: Profit from our vast technical expertise to position your brand inside the top metaverses including Decentraland, Sandbox, CryptoVoxels and let us build your own metaverse experience in them. Your own art gallery, metaverse headquarters or even game. Reach thousands of new visitors inside these new web3 worlds.
  • 3D Metaverse Wearables: We create your own custom wearables to wear and sell in the metaverse and for every avatar to use. Connect and express your brand’s digital identity through the metaverse as a innovative and explosive marketing strategy.
  • Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Development

    We bring the digital into reality.

  • Augmented Reality Web App Development: We produce WebAR, augmenting the real world with digital media. Display your augmented reality content through web browser in phones and PCs. Reach your audience directly in their mobile phone through a QR code, enabling them to interact and engage spatially with your brand.
  • Social Augmented Reality: Experience augmented reality directly in your social media channels. With SparkAR and Snaplenses we can create custom Instagram filters, also in Snapchat and Tiktok.
  • Mixed Reality Headset App Development: We develop directly for Microsoft HoloLens and Magic Leap allowing users to see, work and function in the real world while it’s being enriched by information and value. Mixed reality allows the speeding up of work processes and impressing your audiences with digitally overlayed experiences.
  • Digital and Innovation Consultancy

    All our expertise and knowledge on the latest technology at your convenience.

    Need a hand in the digitalization processes of your company? Book a call with us and let’s talk, we’re happy to offer a free 30 minutes advisory talk where we can talk about potential improvements you might have in your company by implementing technology. We’ll use our technical and business knowledge to point a finger in the right direction for you company.

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